About Us

Well, to begin, if you found this page that means you're on the Stupendous Sales website and I want to personally thank you for checking my shop out! 

Who is this personal thank you coming from you might ask? 

Why, Hello! My name is Alicia and I am the owner of Stupendous Sales.

Currently my shop is a one person operation, except for some feedback and consulting with my husband on certain items. I then like to include my 2 children (both boys) into the whole business by asking them what they think, and which picture they might like better, etc. 

I am the owner of Own Something Awesome, which sadly I had to quit making wax melts because of some health issues I was having after I started making them. My family and I also plan to travel quite a bit in the next year, so going to shows and selling in-person wasn't going to work great for me anymore because my babysitter is back at home. (My children are still fairly young.)

This is when Stupendous Sales came to mind. 

Why is your business called Stupendous Sales? 

That is a question I hear a lot. This stems back to Own Something Awesome. Back in 2009 Etsy use to have live webinars with employees from Etsy about various topics. I was selling crocheted wash cloths and similar items at the time. The one particular webinar that stands out was a shop name that people could remember, and getting people excited about your items. Well, what is exciting about a wash cloth? Not very much. That's when I decided to make the works more fun and exciting and went with "Be Stupendous! Own Something Awesome Today!" Kind of my own little sales pitch per say. From there, I went and became BeStupendous on most social media platforms. I started a blog with Own Something Awesome, but didn't really thing it fit with the business I had. That's when this year I decided I was going to start a new blog (still in this whole planning process for that though) and call it Stupendous Living. I also have Stupendous Planning on Instagram for my future printable stickers that I'm going to offer for the MAMBI Happy Planner. Then this site, Stupendous Sales. 

So basically, I am BeStupendous, and I have Stupendous Living as the home base. (As soon as I set it up though. That would probably be a good thing to do soon.) 

We then branch out from Stupendous Living into *Stupendous Sales* and *Stupendous Planning*. We'll see in the future if more Stupendous ideas come up along the way! 

If ever you have any questions, or comments, or just want to reach out to me, feel free to contact me at StupendousLiving@gmail.com and I would be happy to help! 


Thank you again for visiting Stupendous Sales. I hope you can find some items you love, and as always, Have a Stupendous Day!