Clothing FAQ's

Why Do My Clothes Smell Funny?
When you open your package with your clothes you might smell a strong vinegar smell. The garments are treated with a pre-treatment before printing. Once the image is printed on the item of clothing, it is then sent through the dryer. 

Do You Have To Use The Pre-Treatment? 
The pre-treatment is necessary for the ink to dry to the clothing in the dryer. 

Why Is the Smell So Strong Though?
Once the item of clothing passes the quality control check, they are bagged and labeled for shipping. We want to make sure you receive your item as soon as possible. 

So How Do I Get The Smell Out?
Removing the smell is easy.  Just wash the garment inside out in cold water with a light detergent and the smell will be removed.  It is not necessary to turn garments inside out; however, I like to wash my new garments inside out and hang them to dry the first couple of times.

How Are Your Shirts Printed?
Our shirts are printed via DTG. We use Kornit machines, which are the gold standard in the industry. 

How Long Before I Receive My Items?
During off-peak months, orders are processed within 5-6 business days and ready for shipping.
During peak seasonal months, orders are processed within 
9-12 business days and ready for shipping.

I Bought the Wrong Size. Can I Exchange It? 
Due to all of our items being printed as they are ordered, if for any reason you are not happy with the size of the garment, we will provide a one time replacement either two sizes up or two sizes down from the original order.
Once the replacement has been made and shipped you will get a new tracking number for the replacement.  All we ask is that you donate the wrong sized garment to a shelter once you receive your new item.